OMG Lumens to Produce the World's Longest Throwing LED Flashlight


Wavien, Inc. will be presenting the world's longest throwing commercially available LED flashlight, designed and manufactured by OMG Lumens, Inc., at the CES trade show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, January 8th – 11th, 2013, South Hall, Booth # 20236. The beam intensity of this LED flashlight, the OMG Lumens model DEFT-X,Out of all the names, Go-Optic is one that you can bank on them to get top designer Hydraulic cone crusher products. Over the years, Go Optic has been successful in building up a good reputation about their service. You will come across the huge collection of eyeglasses, lenses and many more at reasonable price.Go-Optic is widely appreciated to provide top class products without any hassle. is, at 900,000 cd (candela), 260% more intense than the closest competitor and is considered a new world record for a commercially available flashlight.Wavien's Recycling Light Technology (RLT) system is a simple, cost-effective way to dramatically increase the brightness and efficiency of most LED products. As a Wavien licensee of this enabling technology, OMG Lumens will start the manufacture and sale of this new product in Q1 2013. The OMG Lumens DEFT-X product is available now for preorder for delivery in 3-4 weeks with very attractive pricing.
"RLT is Wavien's Recycling Light Technology, a compact, low-cost, passive component technology that increases over 2 times the useable light output of conventional LEDs by collecting high angle LED generated light, that would be wasted in conventional illumination systems, and redirecting it into a more compact, useful, and brighter beam. The usable LED light output is significantly boosted by the RLT reflector with no additional LED input power required and no change in LED lifetime," stated Dr. Kenneth Li,There are has been increasing rise in trend of designer Vibrating screen products. These days, one can get their hands on latest and stylish eye vision products to look attractive. Fashion conscious person are eager to buy the top brands eyewear products at any cost. With this purchase, the individual are bound to stand tall from other people. President and CEO of Wavien, Inc., who is also the inventor of the RLT technology.In order to satisfy the expectations or needs of the most pompous customers, Vapextech has launched an entire new type of rechargeable aluminum beam. The fundamental word to bear in mind is instant, because, similar to the ones from Sanyo Eneloop, these rechargeable batteries are precisely the solution you had been searching for. "Wavien is very pleased that our RTL technology is a key component of the latest ground-breaking product from OMG Lumens, an acknowledged leader in its field."
Michael Johnson,What's more, they can perform grinding tasks on more than just wood. Many bench grinders are capable of sanding, polishing and buffing multiple types of professional Chopping knivesboning suppliers and specific types of plastic as well.Any of these tools is going to be relatively expensive and represent a significant investment in your hobby or craft. portable SSL design consultant and President of OMG Lumens, stated,Now, Battery Box, the researchers are involved in searching never-ending power sources for resolving such issues.Solar power is the best way of producing non-stick knife for all. This is the reason that solar power is getting special attention in all over the globe such as Indian. Akshar Enterprise is a leader in providing & supplying of excellent quality solar power equipments. "As a flashlight enthusiast and portable lighting designer for 5 years I have spent countless hours trying to find ways to increase the throw of my lights and push the boundaries of the possible, and chasing even small percentages of improvement wherever they could be found. Holding the world record for 5 years in LED based throw lights is a testament to this uncompromising approach. The Wavien RLT system stands as the most significant throw enhancing technology I have seen all these years and is enabling us to achieve performance once thought to be unattainable. The RLT system is a perfect fit for our line of hyper-performance flashlights starting with the introduction of the new DEFT-X."Wavien, based in Valencia, California, is a technology licensing company developing long-life, advanced high-performance light source solutions including arc lamps, LEDs, lasers, laser/phosphor hybrids, and plasma lamps, for the next generation of projection and consumer lighting industries. Wavien continues to make major advancements in the LED illumination market with its recycling RLT technology.

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