2012 Review: LED lighting powers UK electronics


As a fifty one year old veteran of the electronics sector recently returned from Electronica 2012 and the London Lux Live 2012 trade exhibitions I was struck by a dramatic contrast in the average age of the two attending audiences.This mini knee length is the latest Optical frame this is very fashionable and the hottest in market. Once you will wear this mini knee length, you will look very hot and sexy lady. Stylish Floral Printing Chiffon Skirt Women is enough to show your infinite charm and personality, this will also add the extra beauty on your personality.After further thought I've come to realise that this difference represents a fundamental change to the European electronics market.The electronic component industry in Europe is ageing. To judge from the numerous silvery heads on the stands and in the halls in Munich there's little evidence of any influx of young blood into the electronics business. Neither did I see any real evidence of succession planning in the supply network, which surely should be a major concern to us all.
By stark contrast,There are many uses for knives.They are used when preparing food and for cutting many different things.A pocket knife manufacturer can be carried with someone all of the time so that they can have it handy when it is necessary. I was pleasantly surprised to be confronted by a plethora of young, enthusiastic, determined and very capable people at Lux Live, bringing back fond and exciting memories of the semiconductor market I entered as a callow youth back in the late 1970s and early 80s.The dichotomy is surely no coincidence. On the one hand we have a rapidly maturing global semiconductor business and, on the other we are witnessing the emergence of an exciting new LED lighting market sector, which is apparently attracting the best in new European technical and commercial talent. Why?Despite the abundance of LED lighting solutions available from China there are a significant number of European 'design and build' lighting companies who are single-mindedly differentiating themselves by adding real value to the market.The bumper iPhone 5 cases are also much appreciated. It is practically like a rubber headband that covers the sides of your iphone4 protective cases making it less slippery.This is a very good thing when you have sweaty hands.And no,Most quarries and mines make use of heavy weight machineries and cone crusher machine for crushing stones. These are basically called crushers and some popular types are jaw crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers and scarp crushers. it's not all about start-ups,The hardness of Vsi crusher for sale is appreciated by almost everyone in these industries. Impact resistance feature is another reason why they are suitable for different crushing applications. although there has been a significant emergence of innovative bespoke lighting businesses right across the European base that realise that LED lighting is not only about GU10s and MR16s.
Major brands such as Osram and Philips have also embarked upon aggressive recruitment campaigns for their LED lighting divisions. And in parallel, the media must be thanked for generating a huge 'buzz' for the sector, helping attract talented, qualified young blood with the enthusiasm and ambition necessary to succeed.The irony of it all is the fact that both business sectors have a founding element in common - the semiconductor - and the European legacy in exploiting the semiconductor - and electronic technology in general - is huge and immensely valuable.Surely it's time we stopped bleating about "the decline in the TAM and opportunities in Europe" and the "emergence of China and India as major centres of electronic product design and production" and take measures to attract young business brains into our industry with the talent and drive necessary to reverse the declining trend before it's too late.

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