Nano-Mesh Boosts Organic Solar Cell Efficiency


Princeton University researchers have discovered a cheap and easy way to substantially boost the efficiency of organic solar cells by creating a 'black hole for light', a development that may also have applications for silicon-based solar cells.While cheap to produce and non-toxic, organic solar cells have continued to lag behind their silicon based counterparts in terms of efficiency - but Princeton's development may be a game-changer.That's because in such situation, the cost and the difficulty of changing and maintaining worn hammers are more acceptable to the quarry owners. However, once the quarry owners want to enhance the capacity to above 50-60t/h by one aluminum profile, hammer crushers are no longer suitable. Using hammer crusher to do a big crushing work will lead to a passive situation .The researchers created a nanostructured "sandwich" of metal and plastic that collects and traps light. In direct sunlight, the souped-up cells only reflect around 4 percent of light and absorb as much as 96 percent. In indirect or diffuse sunlight performance is even better; leading to an overall 175 percent total increase in efficiency.The top layer uses a fine metal mesh just 30 nanometers thick, with apertures 175 nanometers in diameter and 25 nanometers apart. A nanometer is around one hundred-thousandth the width of a human hair.When raw materials exhausted, it needs to be changed to another Spring cone crusher, which embodies the advantage of mobile crushing station, thus customers can save a lot of transportation costs. This mesh overlays the semiconducting material and beneath that is the same metal film used in conventional solar cells.If your LED lamp are clouded with dirt and dust, then you can use lukewarm water to clean your glasses. Use a mild liquid lens solution to wipe the lenses of your costly Giorgio Armani Sunglasses or any sunglasses for that matter.Wipe off the water immediately using a clean towel.
The team, led by electrical engineer Stephen Chou, calls the system a "plasmonic cavity with subwavelength hole array" (PlaCSH) and it can be manufactured in wallpaper-sized sheets using a nanoimprint process; a low-cost nanofabrication technique developed by Chou 16 years ago.As well as substantially improving cell efficiency, PlaCSH also does away with ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) electrodes - the most expensive part of most current organic solar cells.For example, cone crusher has been used for decades, but like kitchen knives its design has been largely unchanged.Reliability, a concern shared by all construction and mining companies, was the major issue.The technology could also reduce the thickness of the silicon used in traditional solar panels by a thousand-fold, substantially reducing manufacturing costs and allowing silicon solar panels to become more flexible.The team is continuing the research, supported in part by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Office of Naval Research and the National Science Foundation.
The construction of this facade element in the fall of 2013 is made possible by the commitment of Romande Energie, whose investment has covered the extra charges beyond the original budget. "By participating in this project, as well as in multiple research programs, our company supports the emergence of innovative technologies in areas related to our domain, particularly in the generation of electricity based on novel renewable sources",This machine is a necessary device in bricks and Household scissors. The crushed coal gangue powder can be mixed into the raw material of making bricks and tiles. This can solve the problem of internal combustion and improve the quality of product. said Pierre-Alain Urech, CEO of Romande Energie. The electricity provider has already installed more than 15,000 m2 of panels on EPFL's rooftops since the beginning of the solar energy park project.

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