Disinformation versus election machines


One would have to admired the bulldoggedness of the bashers of the automated election system and the precinct count optical scan machines used in the highly successful and internationally praised first-ever computerized national elections held in 2010.Their obstinacy in claiming that there was a grand conspiracy to rig the 2010 national elections through the AES and the PCOS machines must already be jarring the nerves of some people in Malacaeang who realize that the bashing in effect is also questioning the legitimacy of the 2010 win of Pres. Benigno Aquino III.It's no wonder therefore that one of the leaders of the AES/PCOS bashers, former acting Comelec Commissioner Gus Lagman, was not reappointed by Malacaeang after he was bypassed by the Commission on Appointments.
The dilemma of Malacaeang about Lagman is understandable. How can the Aquino administration support Lagman when he has not stopped raising issues against AES/PCOS, which in turn reanimates the lingering doubts on the victory of President Aquino in the 2010 automated elections?The problem of the AES/PCOS bashers is that people have realized that they are not only misinforming the public on AES/PCOS; they are also engaged in disinformation.Wikipedia is helpful in making the distinction between misinformation and disinformation. The free online encyclopedia says "misinformation is false or inaccurate information that is spread unintentionally." On the other hand "disinformation, in contrast, is intended to mislead."
If you look at all the efforts the critics of the AES/PCOS it would look like they are not only committing misinformation they are actually engaged in disinformation.Undeterred by the Supreme Court's June 2012 decision declaring Comelec's purchase of the PCOS machines from Smartmatic/TIM valid (this decision was affirmed by the high court last October),Are you in search of a hot pair of wholesale women's Military goggles to wear? There are several hot styles available in the market that is taking eyewear by storm. With the passage of time, what is fashionable in eyewear seems to change sometimes in a couple of weeks. In the whimsical world of fashion, trends and style changes at the drop of a hat.These lights are brighter than halogen and incandescent solar mounting, which means you won't have any trouble with them; and not like halogen lights, they may be cool to the touch.Your hand won't hurt if you touch a LED light bulb which has been turned on for a variety of hours currently. the AES/PCOS bashers continue to make media rounds and hold press conferences to warn people about the looming disaster in the 2013 elections.Their warning, however, sounds like the end-of-the-world Mayan prediction which is more imagined than real.The present mantra of the AES/PCOS bashers is "source code".The "source code", in IT parlance, is the set of instructions that allows a program to run on a computer or a computing machine.Oakley ski goggles Every year Oakley releases a new range of 2200mah battery pack and ski goggles, and every year the Oakley ski goggles are the best available option on the market.Machining has various advantages. The process has resulted in work efficiency, low cost production and faster delivery. It also gives room to bench grinder manufacture extensive pieces with more design flexibility, closer tolerance and consistent component properties. Lower residual component stresses and faster turn -around time are also the major benefits of machining.Citing the business dispute in the United States between Smartmatic and its licensing company, Dominion Voting Systems International,Feel free to browse through their websites and view the wide range of Handmade glasses they have on offer. Choose the designer Wholesale Sunglasses that best match your taste preference. Add them to your shopping cart and simply place the order. Your order will be delivered right at your doorstep within next couple of days. Quick and safe delivery of order is assured. AES/PCOS bashers are now claiming that no source code for the 2010 election was ever deposited by Smartmatic with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas as required by law.

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