Tom Morello on Rage Against the Machine Footage


Tom Morello says watching vintage clips of Rage Against the Machine elicits bittersweet emotions. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the veteran guitarist says he wishes the band could have produced more material. "It's like, the very singular and combustible chemistry that made Rage Against the Machine the force of nature that it was, was the same thing that kept us from producing more," explains Morello.Better still, that update has a video showing just how to reverse engineer an apple Solar Laptop charger and make your personal backup battery power.Essentially, Minty Boost could supply the 500 milliamps that older versions from the iPhone necessary to charge, however the 3GS appeared to want more: a complete amp of juice, a lot more than two AA batteries could provide. "If it were up to me, I would've made two records a year. As it is, we have just three records of original material over 20 years. It's a testament to the strength of that material and to the mythos of the Rage live shows that there is an interest 20 years later in people looking at it."
XX, a 20th anniversary box set that includes Rage Against the Machine's remastered debut album, original demos and filmed live performances, was released in November. Morello views the set as a gift to the group's fans, adding that prospects for a Rage reunion don't look promising. "I don't know that there's much direction to go," he says. "There's no plans, no current direction of anything …. It was my great hope that we'd celebrate the 20th anniversary with a five-continent world tour. But short of that, this box set that celebrates the 20-year span of Rage Against the Machine is something that will hopefully be very satisfying for longtime Rage Against the Machine fans as well as turn on new fans to what the band is all about."
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