Given the expected growth of the LED market


Bridgelux customers seem convinced that Watkins made the right bet. Intense Lighting, an 11-year-old Anaheim company that sells lighting systems to Target, Nike stores and other businesses, says LEDs have grown to about 50 percent of its sales largely because of the energy savings they provide.Allan Gray, Intense Lighting's president, thinks lower-priced silicon LEDs will expand the market. "It means we're going to have a better price point on the product, and we can offer it in places that couldn't afford the technology today," he says."We work with other suppliers - Philips, Osram. But we consider Bridgelux one of our better partners. When we do our presentations, we talk about their innovations. It's a positive for our company to be involved with them."
Success is hardly guaranteed for Bridgelux. Samsung and two European manufacturers all claim to be readying similar silicon products. Given the expected growth of the LED market, there's potentially room for several players,Solar garden light but a precipitous drop in prices could quickly strip away profit. Or China could just swallow the whole market, the way it did with solar panels.Watkins says he's aware of these dangers but figures that by continually innovating, he can drive demand and stay ahead of everyone else, China included. "I have a fundamental belief: China steals. They just steal less from their friends," he says.Almost four years after his departure from Seagate, the dust-up is still fresh in Watkins' mind. He professes to still love the company - "Those guys made me rich!" But his bigger concern is carrying out his plan for Bridgelux, and now he's got a board of directors on his side."I told my current board,Everyday all the people in the world will push out the waste from their houses. These metal machining will not be look also for any other purposes. The world has now become alert about the global warming and balance of nature. in two or three years we're going to all look back on this moment and say, 'This is what we did that fundamentally changed Bridgelux,Cursher and that's why we're successful,' " he says. "Or you'll all say, 'This is why we fired that dumb -hole.' "
Justice-Hinson said PWC has estimated it can save annually $20 Solar Laptop charger over a sodium-vapor lamp."It has a lot of benefit to our community,china tablet" she said.PWC has another motive for the pilot study: The General Assembly in 2007 passed a law requiring public utilities to start investing in renewable energy and power-saving measures such as LED lights.In most cases, PWC will use the same poles and replace the bulbs and fixtures hanging over the roadways. But PWC will use the study to decide whether cul-de-sacs, for instance, need brighter LED bulbs than those that will go up on blocks of streets."But in some neighborhoods, they are under-lit, so we may need to add poles," Wallace said.Eventually, PWC plans to replace all 27,000 streetlights with LED fixtures - a process that Wallace said could take five years.

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