A new 100-watt LED light bulb manufactured by Osram Sylvania went on the market


Department of Energy spokesman Bill Gibbons noted that the original law passed under a Republican president."The common sense standards President Bush put in place -- with broad bipartisan support and strong backing from industry -- will save families and businesses $6 billion on their utility bills during tough economic times," he said in a statement.Actually, Ms. Rush, the chicken breeder, may be OK, because the law exempts three-way lamps, rough service bulbs, stage lighting and plant lights, among others, and consumers can still buy the 100-watt bulbs on Website from retailers who have had plenty of time to snap up excess inventory during the past few years.But that time is fast slipping away.
At Lowe's in Munhall on Monday there were eight-packs of 60 watt "Reveal" incandescents for sale,You can choose a pair you would require according to the kind of working environment you are involved in.Cycling sunglasses is one of the most important components of industrial safety products that include protective gloves, shields and suits. but no sign of 100-watt bulbs. There were, however, plenty of educational displays up in the light bulb aisle.Rx glasses"Did you know? IncandescentSports glasses bulbs are being phased out across the country" read one sign, above two light bulbs -- on the left an LED, which was shown to be consuming far less energy than the incandescent on the right."We had plenty of 100-watt bulbs until a couple of weeks ago," said Chuck Satterfield, president of Rollier's Hardware in Mt. Lebanon, "but when the inventory is exhausted, it's exhausted.""We had plenty of people hoarding bulbs, buying cases and cases of them,Safety goggles 15-20 boxes of bulbs.Swimming goggles But sooner or later, everyone has to make the switch."
Rollier's stocks plenty of halogen and CFL bulbs, but Mr. Satterfield has hesitated to buy LEDs, he said, which are too expensive.While a new 100-watt LED light bulb manufactured by Osram Sylvania went on the market Oct. 1, with a warm light that is close to incandescent and a projected lifespan of 25,000 hours -- about 25 times that of an incandescent -- the cost is a whopping $49.95.Ann Davis, owner of Typhoon, a lighting store in Regent Square, said she has become partial to a Sylvania LED sold at Home Depot that has "a really beautiful light."
Suzan Lami, an architect also based in Regent Square, said she believes the newer LEDs are "very close" in color spectrum to incandescents."It's like low-flush toilets," she said. "The first ones were awful, and people were driving to Canada to buy the older versions because the new efficient ones didn't work very well. Well, eventually the technology caught up. That'll be the case here, too."There are skeptics, though, who note that the same has been said about CFLs for years -- with little improvement.Ms. Farley, the Fox Chapel architect, insists she's "pretty green. I'm obsessive about recycling. I don't use central air-conditioning. But I draw the line at bad lighting. It's a quality-of-life issue, because people are lit so harshly."These light bulbs drain all the color out of your face, and I know I don't want my clients sitting in a room that looks like the crypt keeper."

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