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The bodies of Jolanta Lubiene and her eight-year-old daughter Enrika, pictured, were not found until a friend of the family called to the rented semi-detached house at Langford Downs on Sunday night.But gardai think they were murdered some time late on Saturday morning or afternoon.Jolanta, who suffered multiple stab wounds, was attacked in the kitchen as she was cooking. Officers found food in the oven.The body of her daughter was found on an upstairs landing and she had sustained a severe stab wound to the neck.The two planned to leave Ireland next month. Jolanta had postponed an earlier departure date to allow Enrika celebrate her First Communion in May with her friends from second class at Scoil Mhuire in Killorglin.The last confirmed sighting of Jolanta was at teatime on Friday while her daughter was spotted about two hours later.But gardai have established that Jolanta had been contacted by phone by her sister, who lives eight miles away in Milltown,According to the advertising it takes 5 years to wear down any given spot on the steel rodsaluminum profile it is a simple rotation of the rod to have another new sharpening edge. on Saturday morning and had agreed to babysit her sister's son.When her sister arrived at the house on Saturday evening, she got no response when she rang the front doorbell and left again with her son.Gardai believe that an examination of Jolanta's phone and internet records could provide vital clues to the identity of the killer.

Officers are also carrying out house-to-house inquiries in the estate to establish if anybody saw a man in an agitated state and possibly wearing bloodstained clothes in the area on Saturday.He remains in a secure mental health unit under assessment until deemed fit to be questioned, West Midlands Police said.Pc Koch was one of the officers called to Madrassa Qasim Ul Uloom mosque in Washwood Heath Road at 11pm on Saturday after three worshippers were stabbed.On arriving they found the suspect in a side room and used a Taser on him; however, it had no effect and the attacker then lunged at Pc Koch 'with a commando-style knife'.Speaking from his hospital bed today, the 31-year-old police constable said: 'He charged towards me with the knife.While sipping the drink keep your worries about calories in whiskey Isuzu crane truckother such things aside Allow the richness of the drink engulf you.'I can remember falling to the floor and wrestling with the man and he tried thrusting the knife into my back.'I'm waiting to see the damage to my stab vest as I'm convinced it's helped save my life.'I didn't feel anything at the time: the adrenaline took over and my focus was purely on stopping this man causing any more damage.'Thankfully my injuries weren't as bad as they could have been and I hope to be back on the streets within a few weeks.'He also praised worshippers at the mosque who helped pin the attacker down during the incident.Pc Koch, who has been an officer for six years, said: 'I owe those people a massive debt of thanks and if it wasn't for their help, bravely running towards a man they'd already seen brandishing a large knife, I may not be here today.