Knife wielding thieves rob from couple in car scam


The couple had spent time searching websites before they discovered what they believed to be a great deal.They contacted the owner, whom they believed to be a pregnant mother of three, by phone and arranged to meet in the car park, near a pub next to the Grand Canal in Athy, Co Kildare.The couple had been told there was a lot of interest in the car and, if they were keen, they should bring cash.As they arrived, they phoned the number they had been given but the call was not answered.Shortly afterwards, they received a text to get in touch.The couple responded and waited for the seller.Instead,Now that you know what are the things precede drinking whiskey let us learn to drink whiskey cycloidal gearboxTake a tiny sip and roll it around your tongue. they were confronted by two men, armed with knives and wearing balaclavas.The robbers forced the couple to hand over the €10,000 and made off on foot along a pedestrian walkway by the canal toward Lennon's Bridge.Gardai have launched a fresh appeal for help with their inquiries into the incident, which took place around 8.05pm on Monday, May 13.The robbery will be highlighted on tonight's RTE 'Crimecall' programme, when gardai will seek witnesses who spotted either the young couple in their Citroen or the two suspects at Upper William Street.

Officers also want to talk to anybody who might have seen the men as they ran toward Lennon's Bridge.One of the raiders is described as 5ft 8in to 6ft tall,This recipe works to remove grime dirt and all the debris off the screen and leaves you cheap Soapstone Whisky Stones manufacturersa nice shiny windshield to see through it clearly. in early to mid 20s, and skinny.The second man is said to be 5ft 9in to 6ft tall, pale skinned, and wearing a black hoodie and a black scarf covering his face.Det Garda William Saunderson,It is possible that you may not enjoy the drink initially but it is an acquired taste and sooner Isuzu Vacuum truck later you are sure to become a whiskey convert. who is attached to the stolen motor vehicle investigation unit at Harcourt Square,Keep doing this till you can feel the whiskey warming up inside Isuzu refuse compactor truck mouth Once you sense that bit of warmth in the drink swallow it. said people often chose to buy cars privately rather than going to a dealership as they believe they will get a better deal.Two men were charged Monday after an alleged assault involving a knife over the weekend.Edwin Borrero, 25, of 6046 North Ridge Road W. #9, Geneva Township, was arraigned in Western County Court and charged with one count of felonious assault, a second-degree felony.Saying that torture techniques evolved would perhapsPortable crusher be the wrong thing to say Let's just say that they kept getting more and more terrible. Borrero allegedly slashed a male victim's neck with a knife early Saturday morning, according to reports.