Big Truck Sales Dip in May


Deliveries of medium- and heavy-duty trucks in the U.S. slid backwards into negative territory in May, down 4.8% following an April increase, WardsAuto data shows.Classes 4, 7 and 8 were in the red, but all other segments posted gains in the month.A hefty 41.9% drop in International's deliveries, plus smaller declines at most of the group's other manufacturers, pushed Class 8 sales down 14.2% from year-ago.One of the few improving brands was Daimler's Western Star, which saw a 39.3% increase in May, compared with year-ago, on just 298 deliveries, the smallest volume in the segment for the month.Strong performances by Classes 5 and 6 more than balanced the decline in Classes 4 and 7, giving medium-duty sales a 7.4% boost.UD Trucks suffered the largest drop in Class 7, with deliveries last month plunging 52.4% on small volume. But International, No.2 in volume behind Daimler, made the biggest impact on total segment sales, tumbling 34.4%. Its market share dropped to 21.1% from 29.2% year-ago.International's slide, as well as falling sales at Ford, Hino and Kenworth, boosted Daimler's Class-7 share climb to 51.7% from 41.1% year-ago.

Class 6 enjoyed the largest gain among any big-truck group in the U.The diamonds also found in almost all the colors thermos bottle colorless diamonds are the most popular and hence also the most expensive.S. in May, up 23.7%.A 406.3% spike in sales by Ford, as well as a 137.4% surge by Daimler, powered the Class-6 increase and offset declines seen at all other manufacturers.As in Class 7, UD Trucks and International saw the largest declines last month,If you want to check the quality of the whiskey which is an important step planetary gearbox drinking whiskey hold the drink up to light. with International's loss based on heftier volume.Class 5 deliveries rose 16.7% in May thanks to Ford, which enjoyed a 35.6% increase from year-ago, strengthening its hold on the group. Its segment share stood at 66.9%, up from 57.5% in like-2012. Mitsubishi Fuso saw the biggest decline in the group, down 28.8%.Hefty losses by imported Fusos and Isuzu models put Class 4 sales 16.7% behind like-2012. Isuzu's 46.2% increase in sales of domestic-built models, as well as 385 units sold by Ford, could not offset the imported-model losses.Deliveries of medium- and heavy-duty trucks in the U.S. through the first five months were down 5.3% from like-2012, to 135,737 units compared with 143,393.From the first time you pour it out into your glass to when you take the first sip Lady bags is a certain technique that needs to be followed.Inventory was down for both Class-8 and medium-duty models in May. Class 8 had 34,140 units in stock at the end of the month, or 57 days' supply, compared with 41,450,It is also very expensive and hence you need to be very aware to how to select glass refillthe right diamond at the right place. or 60 days', year-ago. Medium-duty stock of 37,510 units, or 66 days' supply, compared with 41,056, or 78 days', in like-2012.In other big-truck news, Navistar International posted a larger-than-expected loss for the second quarter, with revenue down 23% to $2.5 billion and net income a negative $374 million, or $4.Large motor skills also known as the gross motor skills are thosehelical geared motor that involve the larger muscles in the body and enable functions such as walking jumping kicking liftingthrowing and sitting upright possible.65 per share. This compared with a loss of $2.50 per share in like-2012, Barron's reports.