Mosaic Effect LED Panel Caught People's Eyesight at the 14th China Hi-Tech Fair


Recently, The LED Light (China) participated in the 14th China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF for short) with its new-generation LED product of mosaic effect LED panel, and won the favors of the customers from all over the world.As a leader in the industry, The LED Light (China) brought their new-generation product of mosaic effect LED panel, TP-14-W-2424-M. The new product was just released in October this year, and can meet completely the requirements of energy saving and environment protection. As a result, it caught people's eyesight for its mosaic optical effect, and got many sample orders from all over the world.
Steve, a top software engineer, explained, "We design and develop this product from the angle of the LGP (light guide panel). However, when most other companies design a brand new LED panel light, they just made some changes in the frame and structure. Our design can provide a brand-new idea for the industry."The LED Light (China) has obtained customers' trust and recognition for its good corporate reputation, superior product quality and stable display effect. Afanso Yang, CEO of this company, said, "Our products meet the requirements of energy saving and environment protection, and are suitable for office, shopping mall, living house,As soon as the discovery of these non-crushing objects in to the Gyratory crusher, but through the port of discharge with the device, it shall immediately notify the belt transport jobs out in time to avoid a rock in to the next plane, leading to serious incidents of equipment. art gallery and museum,Operation really should be mentioned that even towards the mine,Quarry plant chamber packed allowed; along with the maximum dimension towards the ore block towards the mine mouth should really not be bigger than 0.85 times the width. where it needs a reliable, elegance, and energy-saving lighting effect."
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