Knife carried during Osama raid auctioned to help fallen comrade


A combat knife carried by a US Navy SEAL in the 2011 raid that ended in death of al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden in Pakistan has fetched $35,400 at a charity auction. The proceeds will go to the family of another Navy SEAL who perished in a training accident in March. Mark Owen,

the pseudonymous author of 'No Easy Day', which detailed the bin Laden mission by SEAL Team Six members, told ABC News he was approached by a friend who was setting up the auction and volunteered to donate the knife he's carried with him on missions for over eight years.The auction raised more than $75,000 for several special operations charities, but the proceeds from the knife sale will specifically go the family of Brett 'Shady' Shadle, according to Matthew Griffin, a former Army Ranger who helped organised the event.Shadle, who served in SEAL Team Six with Owen, was killed in late March in a training accident in Arizona.Torque converters were made out of a desire for convenience during driving parallel shaft gearbox wonderful function of a converter is to allow your vehicle to change gears with a clutch.Professionals engaging in the mining mechanical industry know Impact crusher jaw crusher is a commonly-used coarse crushing machine in the crushing .Owen's knife, a folding Emerson knife that Owen said was his secondary blade, was bought by an anonymous bidder.

It was one of several items in the charity put on by The Macalan Group along with Combat Flip Flops and Intelligent Waves IW simultaneously online and at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference and Exhibition (SOFIC) hosted this in Tampa, Florida.Griffin, the co-founder of Combat Flip Flops, told ABC News that when the bids for the knife jumped in the last minutes of the auction, which began on May 1, the audience at SOFIC was ecstatic."People were cheering, folks were in tears," he said.One knife you can definitely do without is the utility knifealuminum profile is too small for chopping too short for slicing too long for peeling and too wide for trimming.Officers in the area of I-25 at Cimarron Bridge arrived at the scene and found that two people had been stabbed and another sustained cuts on the trail area that runs south of Cimarron Street.Investigators found that a man and a woman had been involved in a physical domestic incident when passers-by tried to intervene.Sometimes even the expensive dresses make you look disastrous Household scissors first priority while selecting a prom dress should be how stylish it is and whether it compliments your appearance or not.Two of the men involved drew out knives and began to fight. Both men had been cut and stabbed and another man had sustained cuts by the time police arrived.While the prom may still turn out to be several months gone now is the time to start shopping Chefs Kitchen Knives all those 2013 prom dresses.