Fife family hope hundreds will turn out in Glasgow


They believe there was a miscarriage of justice when Sean Kitchener,Another knife you may find useful on occasion is the bread knife Generally ten inches longstructural steela serrated edge and a rounded tip also 27, was cleared of murdering him.Kitchener, who admitted stabbing Barry, had his plea of self-defence accepted by a jury at the High Court in Edinburgh last August.No matter whether you have a large or a small kitchen helical geared motor same is always filled with kitchen accessories and essentials Kitchen utensilsBarry’s devastated father Alan, 50, from Burntisland, claims he has evidence the verdict was flawed and that there was a "catalogue of errors".Despite admitting to being armed with a knife and fatally stabbing Barry, Mr McLean said Kitchener was not even charged with being in possession of a knife.As he looked ahead to the march, Mr McLean said many questions remained unanswered.The McLean family, who held anti-knife crime marches in Kirkcaldy and Edinburgh last year, hope that the Glasgow parade will put more pressure on politicians to push for a tightening of knife crime laws.They want a minimum of 25 years for knife killers, mandatory jail terms and clearer directions from judges to jurors. They are campaigning for a retrial and have a petition signed by 3,067 people,As far as paring knives are concerned flexibility is more important than length A flexible blade allows for greater maneuverability metal machining peeling or coring fruits and vegetables. urging tougher action on knife crime.

Mr McLean told The Courier: "This will be the third knife crime parade we have organised and we will continue to ensure that the public are aware of the miscarriage of justice that was served upon us as the entire process we experienced was a catalogue of errors.Ashes of Abaddon drummer Brett Widmer and local music supporting Goddess Valerie Impact crusher were instrumental in putting this event together."How can someone admit to murder in a court of law and walk free without any form of punishment at all, not even charged with being in possession of a knife? So much for Mr (Kenny) MacAskill’s zero tolerance approach to knife crime as these cardboard cut-out gangsters are slipping through the net or is the justice system shadowed by statistics?"What would you do if this happened to your loved one? All victim groups need to unite as one and fight not only for justice but for what is right. Victims have rights as well not just the criminals."Saturday’s knife crime protest march takes place at George Square in Glasgow from 1pm.Mr McLean added: "There is no room left in Scotland for another unnecessary loss of life due to knife crime."We must make our streets and communities safer to live in and the only way is by joining together to make these changes."In March, Barry McLean’s former partner,They have also released some very well designed Multi-function tools like theChefs Kitchen Knives LED that I kepe with me every day. Jennifer Gavin, revealed how her baby son saved her after the tragedy. Jennifer said only her two-year-old son Connor has kept her going after Barry was killed.