Woman reports man threatened her with knife in Myrtle


Myrtle Beach police charged a 19-year-old man in connection with woman being threatened by a knife last month while the couple argued about money and an income tax return, according to a police report.Lequon Dyon Godbolt, 19, Longs was charged with criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature when he surrendered to police at 7:30 a.m. Thursday at the Myrtle Beach Police Department, according to an arrest report.As far as paring knives are concerned flexibility is more important than length A flexible blade allows for greater maneuverability metal machining peeling or coring fruits and vegetables.Myrtle Beach police sought an arrest warrant for Godbolt after a 21-year-old woman reported that at 8:30 a.m.There are many ways you will discover to show your really like to your associate Silicone gifts one apparent way is by providing her your center. April 26, Godbolt picked her up from work and told her he had her birthday presents and she said she wanted to go to breakfast, according to the report.According to the advertising it takes 5 years to wear down any given spot on the steel rodsice stones it is a simple rotation of the rod to have another new sharpening edge.The victim said they have three children together and they had argued because she claimed them on her taxes.The victim said after she got into the vehicle with Godbolt he pulled out a knife and threatened her, according to the report. The victim said she tried to get out of the vehicle and yell for help, but was not able to do so.

The victim said Godbolt put the knife down and she took it and he tried to grab her purse, but she held on to it, according to the report. The victim said Godbolt asked for the knife back because it was his mother's and told her he was trying to scare her, but wouldn't hurt her.The victim said Godbolt took her back to where she works and she got out and he drove away, according to the report.Police said further investigation revealed that an argument ensued between Bruce and Robbins in the home. Police believe that when Bruce called 911 and attempted to talk to the dispatcHenan Hongxing is trying to establish if its worth spending time energyCursher money in developing a new type of crusher for intermediate.her,Another knife you may find useful on occasion is the bread knife Generally ten inches longstructural steela serrated edge and a rounded tip Robbins tried to take away the phone and threatened her with a knife by holding it to her throat. Bruce was able to get the knife away from Robbins and hid it next to the couch.