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When you first start the game you can choose which character (Xian, Logan, Sam B, John Morgan, or Purna) you want to play as and each one has their own unique skills and abilities. You can also load your character from the first "Dead Island." You can start with all of your stats and skills. I thought this was a great feature and I know players are going to love this.AS you are playing, you will find many different weapons that you can use to destroy the zombies. There are knifes,The most commonly used methods for removing and modifying a raw piece structural steel blending blanking boring drawing polishing. guns,choosing colored lighting bulbs depends upon the purpose and surroundings in which they are usedSolar lamp wrenches, police batons, grenades,There are tons of them and they all do a different amount of damage when used. The weapons can break at certain times and you know when it will happen because of a meter that appears on the weapon icon. Once the weapon breaks you lose it and have to find another weapon.As far as efficiency is concerned, incandescent bulbs are not very efficient, as much of the heat consumed is given off as heat.Remote control lightAt first I didn't like this because I thought, "Oh great! Now I have to worry about how many times I use a weapon." But that was not the case I quickly learned once I started playing. There are weapons everywhere you and you will not have to worry about not having one.

You can also upgrade your melee weapons and fix them. There are workbenches in certain areas and you can approach them and go into a menu where you can choose to fix it to 100 percent or upgrade it to make it stronger.Along the way you will find tons of different items such as magnets, tape,The solar light is unique in the sense that it doesn't need to be switched on manuallySolar garden lightswitches on automatically when there is little or no light falling on the lamp. gears,You can use these items to upgrade or create new weapons. There are blueprints that you will find on your adventure that will show you what you need to make different and more powerful weapons. You can also find money and take if off of dead zombies. You will need the money to also upgrade or fix weapons.In excess of 90 percent of the whisky that is manufactured in India Magnetic toe ring more similar to rum in production method and taste.One thing that is guaranteed to happen is that you are going to lose a lot of health. The zombies are fast and strong and there is no way to avoid it. You can gain health by drinking energy drinks, eating snacks and fruit, and by using medical kits. If you lose all of your health, you will have a few seconds before you die to quick use a medical kit to restore your health and bring you back into action. You can also use the medical kits on teammates when they need them, so that is very helpful.