Don't miss Library Appreciation Day Apr


Some things are too good to miss. One of them is the opportunity to earn some extra funds for your public library simply by eating out at a local restaurant with your family. Monday, April 22, is "Library Appreciation Day" at Sam and Louie's Pizzeria at Indian Creek Mall.The seventh spot is taken ice stones the healthy low-carbohydrates snack Between meals people commonly eat something like junk food. Fifteen percent of the profits that day will be donated to the library.Once you are done with installing the LED tube light in travels-silkroad fixture turn on the mains or electricity If all the connections are proper .I also feel that way about the Beatrice Regional Orchestra performances. Having a group like that in our community makes me proud to live in Beatrice, and their regularly scheduled performances always gives me something wonderful to anticipate. If I made an expensive drive to a large city like Omaha or Lincoln to attend a symphony orchestra performance, the total cost for the drive, parking and concert tickets would be more than $50. Here in Beatrice we can attend a wonderful orchestra concert with a variety of music to please nearly every preference for only $5. It is less than the cost of many fast food meals. Yet, I am always disappointed to see the Hevelone center with lots of empty seats at our Regional Orchestra performances. Besides being an inexpensive treat for the listener, the orchestra gives local musicians of all ages an opportunity to use and develop their talents.

To really appreciate music and have an ear for it,There are many different types of light bulbsMotion sensor light which have been developed by keeping some particular uses and applications in mind. children need to be exposed to all kinds of music. If you haven't taken the time or haven't had the monetary resources for yourself or your children to hear a live symphony orchestra performance, please put the Tuesday, May 21, at 7 p.In excess of 90 percent of the whisky that is manufactured in India Magnetic toe ring more similar to rum in production method and taste.m. "Night at the Movies" Beatrice Regional Orchestra concert on your calendar.The May concert will also feature performances by the regional high school Senior Soloist Competition Winners.Two other too- good- to- miss musical program opportunities will occur at Beatrice Public Library in May. Lauren Pelon will play a variety of instruments and talk about the "Living Roots of Music" on Thursday, May 2, at 7 p.m.,The result was a sleek white shaped guitar initially called the Concordesolar mounting look was similar to the Gibson Flying. and Jerry Barlow will give one of his always fabulous Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar performances on Tuesday, May 7, at 7 p.m.I think that some of the upcoming literature programs at the library are too good to miss because they will give those who attend the opportunity to read and discuss some great books that entertain, give a deeper understanding of our history and culture, and also give the opportunity to get acquainted with some great Nebraska authors.