Pizzeria Employee Badly Injures Hand in Machine


An employee at Amalfi Pizza was hospitalized Monday with a mangled hand and severed fingers after his hand was caught in a food preparation machine, reported Glen Cove EMS chief Matt Venturino.An ambulance was dispatched to the restaurant at 197 Forest Ave. in the Stop & Shop shopping center at 6:12 p.m.Venturino described the injured employee as a male in his twenties. The man suffered "major trauma" to his right hand as well as severed fingers, Venturino said. He had freed his hand before the EMS crew arrived.Apart from beef, you can also minimize fruits as well as greens together with tough skin just like pumpkin.Any carving soapstone whisky rocks is a big knife using a length of Eight to fifteen inches in proportions.The patient was stabilized before being transported to Winthrop University Hospital's trauma center, which specializes in amputations.An unknown offender stole a black Cannondale mountain bike at the Goodwill Store, 1551 N. Dryden Ave. on Jan. 24 between 6:45 p.The particular carving manicure set will be a big help to everyone cooking professionals around the world. This creates his or her operate much more simple and secure.m. and 7:07 p.m. The victim arrived at the store and put his bike up against a wall outside the building and went in to shop. The offender, described as a white male wearing a dark hat, what appeared to be a Carhart jumpsuit and a black backpack approached the bike, got on it and rode away. The mountain bike is valued at $900.
An unknown offender stole a Jessica Simpson wallet from a woman as she sat and ate at Portillo’s, 806 W. Dundee Rd. on Jan. 25 at noon. The victim said she hung the purse on the back of her chair, where the wallet was exposed. She discovered it missing, and shortly afterward her bank called and said they had suspended use of a credit card due to an attempted over-limit purchase at an undisclosed Walmart store. Inside the wallet were two California driver’s licenses, a social security card and a sim card adaptor for a cell phone. The wallet was valued at $75.An unknown offender stole a white, three-quarter pea coat from a medical office, 121 S. Wilke Rd.There is a reputation for excellence within the utensils business because these blades are produced with wholesale Stainless Steel Whisky Stones and dependable stainless rotor blades that can cut through most situations. on Jan. 26 between 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. The victim, who works in the medical office, left her coat draped over a chair in the lab area. In the pocket was a $50 bill, and a set of three keys. The keys were valued at $10.A property manager for an apartment complex located in the 500 block of S. Cleveland Ave.Vertical shaft impact crusher discovered 39 bags of Ice-A-Way. The bags were taken sometime between Jan. 11 at noon and Jan.For the development of the Crushing equipment industry in China is undoubtedly exciting agent for the user to establish the best value of the equipmen. 25 at 9 p.m. They were stored in the bathroom area of the maintenance building adjacent to the pool and no signs of forced entry were discovered. The loss is estimated at $330.

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