Hooked to Hash


Malana Cream and Bombay Black, varieties of hash and weed, are the new buzzwords and chillums and rolling paper the new youth accessories. "Hash is as common as mint and chocolate; it's the new recreational drug even among kids as young as 12,Some belts are developed and designed to transport commercial goods, Mobile crushing machine products, construction materials, or paper and pulp. Other conveyor belts are designed for general purpose. It is also used for agricultural purpose." says Harish Shetty, social psychiatrist at the L.H. Hiranandani Hospital in Mumbai. "Its use is so rampant that it has even penetrated the conservative Mumbai neighbourhoods of Vile Parle, Dadar and Navi Mumbai."Hash, or hashish, is a product of the cannabis plant and can be smoked in pipes or rolled up in paper like a cigarette. Unlike harder drugs such as cocaine, hash makes one drowsy but rarely causes hallucinations, making it a popular social drug among the youth. One of the arguments presented in its favour is the popular theory of how it is non-addictive, "safer than cigarettes", and part of the "Indian spiritual tradition". But hash often leads to behavioural abnormalities and memory damage. Dr Shetty, who has treated several cases of students with falling grades and failing memory, says its harmful effects are usually overlooked, at the user's peril, because it doesn't have the withdrawal symptoms associated with harmful substances.These belts are developed for vertical applications.It has many attachments. These include trays or buckets. The Sand making machine manufacturers put much effort in creating these items.

The demand for the drug is evident from the shelves at Delhi's 'Hasher's Street', a row of around 10 shops that offer a variety of products from Italian chillums to South American orchid-scented rolling paper. Like Smoker's Corner, the shops here sell hash paraphernalia openly. Everything related to hash is here-a variety of pipes, mechanical joint rollers, weed crushers, rolling paper, chillum cleaners, weed storage boxes, hash oil dispensers, needles, hookahs and tobacco blends. And to those in the know, like the teens crowding the place, furtive exchanges can fetch joints that they can light up over a cup of milky chai. "My business has really expanded in the last five years,Extrusion profiles conceive the ability to fulfill all industrial requirements and specifically that of automotive industry. knives wholesaler is very true that the automotive industry depends largely on extrusion profiles because of the fact that the profiles that are to be used in the automotive industries should be strong and durable." says the owner of a shop. "Weed and hash are everyday party products now, just like Coca-Cola and chips. Most of my customers are school or college children. They spend anything from Rs.200 for an Indian terracotta chillum to Rs.3,000 for some special hash such as Amsterdam Weed.Often, parents and teachers are unaware of what hash even looks like. Shetty, who has treated several teenagers for hash-induced behavioural abnormalities, says children often use eye-drops to clear the effects of hash before they head home after a smoke. "I could smoke a joint under my teacher's nose and she would probably think I am smoking rotten tobacco. No teacher in my school has the slightest idea about how often my friends smoke up, what hash really is or how to tell between joints and cigarettes," says Riya Kapoor (name changed),See your Stream and share with your Circles from your Vibrating screen device 15,Conveyor belts are one such improved and high-tech system that makes it easy to deliver the china tour operators products from one area to another within a short distance. a student at one of Delhi's premier private schools. Academics say one must understand the psychology of children to keep them away from drugs. "Smoking is a growing concern among schoolchildren and teachers need to be better educated on the subject," says Mark Parkinson, executive director of Kunskapskolan School in Gurgaon and former director of Delhi's Shri Ram School. "Students who smoke are convinced that it is not addictive and is just for fun. They feel they can quit any time. To change their minds, one really needs to understand their psychology and priorities.