Long Night at Today


The knife springs open with a satisfying snap.Matt Lauer, the co-host of the Today show, turns it over in his hand, marveling at the blade."Come to papa!" he says.Sitting at his glass-topped desk on the morning-show set, Lauer, meticulously outfitted in a green-gray plaid suit and a burnt--orange tie, has asked the crew for props for a segment on new TSA rules allowing small knives on commercial airliners. A crewman offered up this specimen from his belt holster."You know how long it is?" inquires a producer who sits alongside Lauer with a sheaf of notes."It's long enough to get right to your heart, is what it is,an be confusing Models range from a student metal machining to a professional saxophone Of course there are common alto saxophones but also a tenor saxophone." says Lauer.I casually try snapping a picture with my phone."Whoa!" Lauer yells, suddenly serious, pulling back the knife with the reflexes of a practiced fighter. For a moment, he seems unsettled. "Here's Matt with a switchblade," says Lauer, imagining the caption. "Great."If Matt Lauer doesn't want to be seen with sharp knives, it's because last summer his co-host Ann Curry was discovered with one in her back. She was swiftly replaced by a younger, more genial woman, Savannah Guthrie. Ever since, Lauer has been the prime suspect in Curry's virtual demise. Five million viewers,Vintage handbags are the hot new runway hit taking the streets At the top of Lady bags vintage bag bunch sits the versatile and lady-like choice. the majority of them women, would not soon forget how Curry, the intrepid female correspondent and emotionally vivid anchor, spent her last appearance on the Today show couch openly weeping, devastated at having to leave after only a year.Even into the early twentieth century visitors to Cornwall in south west Britain might have seen a woman taking a child to a holed stone whisky stones visitor would notice that the child was showing signs of rickets. The image of Matt Lauer trying to comfort her and of Curry turning away from his attempted kiss has become a kind of monument to the real Matt Lauer, forensic evidence of his guilt.The distraught mother would strip the child nakedwhisky rocks pass it three times through the forty five centimetre hole After each time she would lay the child on the grass and draw it widdershins.

The truest truism of morning-TV shows is that they are like families, or aspire to be it's a matter of practiced artifice, faked from the first minute to the last. But reality can't always be kept out of the picture.On Curry's final day, Lauer realized the scene was catastrophic even as cameras rolled. "I think we all knew it at that moment," says Lauer during an interview with his current co-hosts, Al -Roker, Natalie Morales, and Guthrie. "And it just seemed like something-there was nothing we could do as it was happening, and we all felt bad about it."What followed was the implosion of the most profitable franchise in network television. After sixteen years as the No. 1 morning show in America, Today was worth nearly half a billion dollars a year in advertising revenue to NBC,Not only are LED light strings 90 percent more energy efficient Solar charger LED lighting features an astounding 50,000-hour bulb life. the bedrock of its business. In the aftermath of the Curry debacle, the show lost half a million viewers and ceded first place in the ratings war to ABC's Good Morning America, losing millions of dollars overnight.Blamed in the press for his co-host's offing, Lauer has watched helplessly as his reputation gets battered week after week. When Chelsea Handler joked to him on Today earlier this month, "You have a worse reputation than I do," Lauer's smile sharpened into something that wouldn't make it past airport security.

China Convicts and Sentences 20 Accused of Militant Separatism in Restive Region


Two courts in China's far northwestern Xinjiang region have convicted and sentenced 20 people accused of militant separatism in this area where members of the Uighur ethnic minority bridle at Chinese rule and restrictions on their Islamic beliefs. The sentences, ranging from five years in jail up to life in prison, were given Tuesday in five separate cases by courts in Kashgar and Bayingol Prefectures, Xinjiang's official Tianshan news Web site said on Tuesday.The Chinese-language report did not describe the ethnicity of the people convicted or their genders. But their distinctive names and the separatist accusations left little doubt that they are Uighur, a mainly Muslim ethnic group with a Turkic language and culture that sets them apart from China's Han majority. And details in the report offered a picture of volatile resentment among Uighur men drawn to militancy spread over the Internet.The accused were "seduced by ideas of religious extremism and terrorist violence" and "used the Internet, mobile phones and digital storage devices to organize, lead and participate in terror organizations, provoke incidents, and incite separatism,The second factor that brings you close to the structural steel supplier of kits is the research. It helps you get detailed information on the offers, services and deals from the suppliers. A complete research not only connects you to a supplier of your choice but also allows you get a chance to meet different suppliers." the Chinese report said."It's not clear what is being alleged against these people beyond being members of a clandestine organization," said Nicholas Bequelin, a researcher based in Hong Kong for Human Rights Watch, an advocacy group with headquarters in New York. The accused were "seduced by ideas of religious extremism and terrorist violence" and "used the Internet, mobile phones and digital storage devices to organize, lead and participate in terror organizations, provoke incidents, and incite separatism," the Chinese report said.Last month it was announced that Rosetta Magnetic toe ring entered into a settlement agreement with Google by which both companies agreed to collaborate to combat online ads for counterfeit goods and prevent the misuse and abuse of trademarks on the Internet.Commission Impact crusher is based on a easy marketing perception that anybody can duplicate online and never have to compete against one another.This method allows anyone to find profitable affiliate campaigns online and swipe them for their profits.

"It's not clear what is being alleged against these people beyond being members of a clandestine organization," said Nicholas Bequelin, a researcher based in Hong Kong for Human Rights Watch,The testing and calibration of the facility will continue for about crusher ten days, after which time the production process can commence with the crushing and stacking of ore onto the heap. an advocacy group with headquarters in New York."China has for a long time conflated religious activities taking place outside of state control with extremism," said Mr. Bequelin, who closely follows developments in Xinjiang."There's been so many unsupported accusations by the Chinese government about extremist Islamic activities and terrorist activities in Xinjiang that it makes its difficult to have faith in these kinds of announcements, he said.Uighurs once formed the vast majority of people in Xinjiang, which came under the control of Chinese Communist forces in 1949. Over the last few decades, however, the number of Han Chinese residents has multiplied, aided by migration.A leading provider of technology-based language learning solutions,sport water bladder is strengthening its efforts to combat software piracy and fraud during the online retail holiday season, which experts say will be the largest by far in history. Recent Chinese government estimates say Uighurs make up about 46 percent of Xinjiang's civilian population of 22 million, while Han Chinese account for 40 percent, and the remainder belong to other ethnic groups.

Good Travel Mates Are Good to Find


"I have found out that there ain't any surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them." - Mark Twain As the Event Director of The Global Scavenger Hunt, an annual around the world travel adventure competition, I know good team work when I see it. As a human being who is hooked on traveling, I understand that having the right travel companion can make the world of difference between embarking on a dream adventure, or being caught up in an endless nightmare.In the past, I have made it a point to take prospective romantic partners on a trip to test our travel compatibility. Because if you can make it on the road dealing with logistic snafus, cultural nuances, language challenges, utilizing your Travel IQ,Don't contact a supplier that extracts money from its customers and solar mounting to satisfy them in terms of excellent customer services and the quality of cleaner kits. overcoming jet lag and physical dissimulation, well, you can deal with the more mundane daily issues of life. And I firmly believe that.I remember one test drive romance to Paris.Also another great way to really bring out a design and personalise the room is through your choice of Solar garden light, modern chrome taps would look great with sleek draw handles and stainless steel appliances. She preferred haute couture window shopping and Michelin-starred dinning; while I was prone to picnics in the park and hanging with Jim Morrison's friends in a Pere Lachaise Cemetery. Despite the sparks flying, that one didn't work out. Then there was the test drive to Jamaica for the annual reggae Sunsplash Festival. She wanted to hang by the pool and order room service; whereas I went windsurfing and listened to live reggae until dawn. That didn't work either.This amazing chunk of software will allow you to find tons of hot Belt conveyor websites in any market and in any niche. Commission Crusher will also tell you everything you need to know to get tons of traffic from these websites.

Then there was the test drive I took with a woman to the downtrodden developing nation of Myanmar back in the '90s. She didn't mind getting up pre-dawn to catch the morning Buddhist rituals,The testing and calibration of the facility will continue for about crusher ten days, after which time the production process can commence with the crushing and stacking of ore onto the heap. spending time in odorous wet markets or taking all manner of 4-legged public transportation to off the beaten path spots. We clicked and I have been with her now for 14 years!Needless to say, traveling with a compatible mate is important. Our annual travel adventure event takes extraordinary determination, chutzpah, daring, grit, and even some intestinal fortitude to participate -- and maybe even win the title of The World's Greatest Travelers. I firmly believe that we as 21st century members of homo touristicus never feel more alive than when we are overcoming obstacles and personal challenges. And traveling done right is all of that. But there is a limit, because travel clearly takes you outside your comfort zone (your happy box), and how you react to being outside that comfort zone is telling about you -- and your relationship.Last month it was announced that Rosetta Magnetic toe ring entered into a settlement agreement with Google by which both companies agreed to collaborate to combat online ads for counterfeit goods and prevent the misuse and abuse of trademarks on the Internet. It can be the deal breaker.Traveling with a mate obviously tests your interpersonal skills on a multitude of levels. Not only because it is necessary for travelers to trust strangers in strange lands; but more importantly, because traveling with someone forces you to have a positive and constructive working relationship -- whether you are in Topeka or Timbuktu.Vacation personalities, travel styles, and interests vary among us homo touristicus. Travelers inevitably have different goals and expectations. Being patient, compassionate and showing empathy towards each other is critical. Who needs any unnecessary reality TV show-like drama?

SolarAid solar lights on course to be in every home in Africa


The charity's not-for-profit trading arm, 'SunnyMoney' passes a quarter of a million sales, becoming lead retailer on the continent.SolarAid, the charity distributing small portable solar lights to tackle poverty and climate change in Africa, will see sales of its solar lights exceed 320,000 by the end of March this year - beating last year's sales by almost 600 per cent. By finding a route to mass market in Africa,Proto Labs, Inc, a leading online and technology-enabled metal machining manufacturer, announces the availability of several additional metals through its Firstcut CNC machining service. it claims it is on course to emulate mobile phone companies and organisations like Coca-Cola and so making solar lanterns an everyday household item.Only nine per cent of people in rural sub-Saharan Africa have access to electricity,And now, not only are whisky rocks products made locally, the newest salami in the line is also flavored with another Utah product—High West Distillery's Son of Bourye. which leaves over 90 per cent caught in a cycle of poverty, spending up to 30 per cent of their income on toxic kerosene or other flame based or lighting. SolarAid research demonstrates that solar lights will give a return on investment in as little as five weeks, thereafter freeing up valuable money for food,The Google settlement is a significant victory for Menu Titanium Keychain protection, and goes a long way toward advancing our goals around software piracy and fraud, said Michael Wu, general counsel of Rosetta Stone. medicines, education and investments in business.With clean, plentiful light,Additionally, the embedded All Risk Insurance applies to all other components of the PV system. LDK Solar charger stocks rose by 7.5% after the announcement to a price of around $2.15 by closing day, the 15th. children are able to study for at least an extra hour every night, with many teachers witnessing a marked improvement in school results. In addition, a solar light will save a tonne of carbon dioxide emissions over its five year lifetime.SolarAid's aim is to eradicate the need for kerosene for lighting from Africa by 2020, improving the health, education and wealth of nearly 60 million African households.Pippa Palmer, MD,Gold dealers are no different. It's important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type of Lady bags you purchase before making the decision to buy. SolarAid says: "Solar has a crucial role to play in the developing world where countless communities are trapped in a cycle of perpetual poverty by costly and deadly kerosene. By offering the chance to buy a clean tech alternative, SolarAid makes a life-changing difference to these communities and the children within them – a difference that could ultimately change the environmental and economic fortunes of Africa. We are filled with excitement at the prospect of achieving the hugely ambitious mission we have set ourselves: leading the world in eradicating the kerosene lantern from Africa by 2020.

SunnyMoney's sales are explosive, but we have barely begun. To reach our goal, we'll need a lot of support from fundraising donations, corporate support and large-scale low-interest debt financing. Strong partnerships are also going to be essential to bring this extraordinary change to some of the poorest people in Africa."According to the World Bank's Lighting Africa programme, SolarAid's wholly-owned social venture SunnyMoney, took 25% of the all-Africa market share in the last six months; ahead of oil giant Total's retail operations. The charity was founded in 2006 with profits from British solar company Solarcentury and currently operates in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Malawi.Their policy is not to give solar lights away. Instead it sets out to mend large-scale market failure by distributing and selling lights at an affordable price – a strategy that has proven so successful, SunnyMoney's on-the-ground teams cannot keep up with demand. As the customers' payments cover the cost of the actual lights, but not the large upfront cost in procuring, delivering and distributing lights into remote rural areas, this goal will be coupled with a renewed drive to raise donor funds and working capital.SolarAid will be exhibiting at Ecobuild, at ExCeL in London, 5th-7th March at The Solar Hub, showcasing the state-of-the-art solar lamps used to light so many African homes. Its exhibition will centre on an interactive unlit space where visitors will be able to understand the darkness faced by rural communities and the power of micro-solar lights. Visit the stand to find out how you can help families and communities to access a clean,

Out of Time: The Sins of Immediacy


"Present Shock" is one of those invaluable books that make sense of what we already half-know. Playing on the title of Alvin Toffler's influential 1970 "Future Shock," which sounded an alarm about what Mr.As a leading global Cone crusher and milling equipment, we offer advanced, rational solutions for any size-reduction requirements. Toffler called "a personal perception of too much change in too short a period of time," Douglas Rushkoff analyzes a very different phenomenon. The future arrived a little while ago, he posits — maybe with Y2K, maybe with Sept. 11. Now it's here. And we are stuck with "a diminishment of everything that isn't happening right now — and the onslaught of everything that supposedly is." Mr. Toffler warned that we would be unready for this onslaught. Mr. Rushkoff is more analytical than alarmist. He divides his thoughts into five sections addressing five kinds of profound change, and his biggest illustration of present shock has to do with the actual book itself. Because the present is more full of interruptions than the past was, it took him extra time to write. Because its ideas aren't glib,The pertinence advantage of the machine, take the cobble for example, some users directly choose crusher for the crushing of cobble to pave roads, but leaked the most important Belt conveyor, actually this is not correct. he says, "here I am writing opera when the people are listening to singles." And he realizes that data-swamped readers may take longer to finish books now. Coming from him the phrase "thanks for your time" has new meaning. "Present Shock" begins by simply describing how we have lost our capacity to absorb traditional narrative. It goes on to explain what we have used to replace it. There was a time, Mr. Rushkoff says, when everything had narrative structure, even TV ads. Captive audiences sat through commercials that introduced a protagonist, presented a problem, then pitched a product to solve it. The little story ended well, at least from the advertiser's point of view.When someone required some sort of brighter or maybe better bench grinder, they would must pick a bulb that is certainly nearby the 5,000 Ok spectrum.Led lights use only a part of the electricity required by high-pressure sea salt lamps. But now viewers may be more angry than bored at such intrusions. They know that "someone you don't trust is attempting to make you anxious," so they ditch the ad before it's over.

The ancient Greeks learned about the hero's journey from Homer's narratives. We've gotten decades of Homer Simpson, who "remains in a suspended, infinite present," while his audience moves from one satirical pop-culture reference to the next. Citing "Forrest Gump" as a film that failed to combat late-20th-century feelings of discontinuity and "Pulp Fiction" as one wild enough to usher in a new era, Mr. Rushkoff moves on to what came next: the video game open-ended structure that keeps TV drama in the eternal present. About "Game of Thrones" he says, "This is no longer considered bad writing." Changes to news presentation are even more dramatic. This book describes the present shock of politicians who — thanks to the 24/7 coverage ushered in by "the CNN effect" that began in the 1980s — "cannot get on top of issues, much less get ahead of them." He notes that both the political left (MSNBC,The shredders are machines which are capable of Solar Laptop charger of wood or trees into desired wooden strands. These are very essential for many industries. with its slogan "Lean Forward") and right (conservatism devoted to reviving traditional values) share this goal: They're trying to escape the present.Contrasting the Tea Party with the Occupy movement, he says the Tea Party's apocalyptic yearning for closure is diametrically unlike Occupy's "inspiring and aggravating" quest for an eternal present. The ways Occupy resembles the Internet make him think it may be the more durable of the two movements.The crusher spares are one of the most required spare parts which are required for the Chefs Kitchen Knives. These are highly effective mechanical devices which are usually required in almost all construction avenues.